Mosca Land Consulting helps investors find great investment and finance deals in raw land, residential and commercial real estate. Mosca Land was started in 2007 and has worked on over ten raw land investment projects and sixteen residential real estate deals as well as several financially source projects.  We offer the best deals and sourcing of funds with the best returns found only in North America and specifically in Alberta.

About the President:
Agostino Mosca is a born and raised Calgarian. His expertise ranges from raw land real estate to single family homes and multi-unit residential in Calgary. Having been born in Calgary he has seen the rapid growth of the city exceed 1 million and is excited for the growth of the city and the province over the next several decades.

Agostino completed his BA at the University of Calgary in 2006. Agostino has been an investor in real estate since 1998 but started his real estate consulting career in 2006 and shortly after in 2007 started his own consulting company Mosca Land Consulting. Since then he has worked on numerous land and residential real estate projects and has helped his investors find the most secure and profitable projects in Alberta. Agostino is currently working on his 8th raw land project and 15th residential project.

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